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Located in the Calchaquí Valley of the Northwest of Argentina, near the Andean skies, and with vineyards spread throughout the ancient Tukmanao region, Bodega Tukma rescues and pays homage to the roots of the region with its high altitude wines. Between two and three thousand years ago, in these very valleys, mankind became sedentary and learned how to work the land. Today, they provide one do homework for money of the best environments for the production of unique wines.

From Tolombón, the heart of Tukmanao, Bodega Tukma invites you to taste our high altitude wines.

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Altalaluna, with its wide colonial corridors, regional gourmet cuisine under the shade of ancient trees, warm rooms and suites overlooking our vineyards and surrounded by towering mountains and the iconic Route 40, is a true reflection of class and good taste in harmony with the warmth of its majestic natural setting.

Altalaluna Boutique Hotel & Spa, a place that, with its history and present, rejoices the soul.

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