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Store Discounts

Discounts on all our wines. Exclusive advances and unique tastings. For lovers of fine wines!

Wine Hotel Membership

Exclusive membership to Altalaluna Hotel, located in Tolombón, Salta, meters from Bodega Tukma’s winery. Discounts and exclusive benefits during your stay. For lovers of comfort and relaxation!

Visits to the Winery

Guided tours and tastings at our winery located in Tolombón, Salta. To drink with knowledge!

Exclusive Tastings

Invitations to exclusive events, new wines introductions, and special tastings guided by the best sommeliers. For the social type!

Special Gifts

Special gifts exclusive to members of our club. Surprises and premiers!

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What is Tierra Tukma?

If you are passionate about wine, Tierra Tukma is the place you were looking for. As a member of Tierra Tukma you have access to discounts on our wines, which you can shop from the comfort of your home. You will also receive invitations to exclusive events, tastings, visits to the winery in Salta, a membership to enjoy the comfort of the hotel Altalaluna (with discounts and unique benefits for members), and much more!

We encourage you to share your experiences with friends so that all of us together can enjoy our passion for wine and its world.


How does it work?

After your first purchase in our online store, and filling out a short form with some information, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of being a member of Tierra Tukma. If you are already a member, access your account with your usual login.