Tukmanao Region

The native inhabitants of Northwestern Argentina called their land "Tukmanao" and their chief "Tukma". In the 15th Century, when this mystical land was under occupation by the Incas, great improvements were made in agricultural techniques that were later applied to the cultivation of vines when they were introduced from Europe at the end of the 18th Century. From our vineyards in Tolombón we preserve and pay tribute to this regional heritage with our distinct, high altitude wines.

A few centuries later, from Tolombón (Salta), center of ancient Tukmanao, our winery seeks to rescue and celebrate the roots of the region with unique high altitude wines.

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Bodega Tukma extends throughout the Tukmanao region. The heart of the operation lies in Salta, our vineyards as well as a state-of-the-art winery are found in the Valley of Tolombón, a few miles from Cafayate. Also in Salta, in the Valley of Angastaco, we own a small terroir with vines that are over half a century old. In Jujuy we have our highest plantation, vines 2,670 meters above sea level in Huacalera, Valley of Humahuaca (Declared World Heritage - UNESCO). Finally, in Colalao del Valle, Tucumán, we have an estate of several acres.


Bodega Tukma was born like all great ventures: with the pleasure and desire to do things right. The first three thousand Malbec plants reached Raúl Noceti and Fernando Maurette, almost casually. It soon became a solid and professional commercial project under the brand Tukma. The boutique winery has grown rapidly, at all times maintaining its high standards of quality. Today Bodega Tukma has an excellent position in the domestic and international market.

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